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condi war - please can you work on improoving it

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Personally I think that the condi rotation on Berserker has way too many ifs tacked on, and you have cycle through all the condi abilities to do decent damage (while others can just auto attack to sustain it).

To proc king of fires you have to have aura so you have to leap through fire field and then use rage skill to proc the damage, that is way too many layers of garbage to pull something while guardian has to hit you 3 times to set your kitten ablaze, either it has to proc like 10 stacks of burn for the effort or it should be simplified to the guardian level.

Berserker is all about special bursts but on the condi variation it is not you main concern, there is a reason people like the power version more, it is all about the sweet sweet bursts and getting to hit more of them while on condi feels like you have to do the laundry list of chores. 
If you want to play something that has that Warrior burst gameplay for condi you are better of playing Virtuoso.  

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