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Precise damage calculation - How is it done?

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I've come across an error while calculating the damage numbers, would like some clarity on this. The calculation below is done based on what I found on the wiki page. Taking ranger - longbow skill 1 as an example with 0% crit here are the numbers:

Weapon Strength * Skill Coefficient * Power/ Armor

1050 * 0.466 * 1130 / 1130 = 489.3
However, this is not close to what is reflected on the tool tip (which displays 213-274), considering this is a single cast ability shouldn't the numbers be the same or am I missing something here?

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19 minutes ago, Padrion.7382 said:

I don't know but the armor value in your equation looks awfully low. Should be at least around 2000 on a lvl 80 target.

I assumed a toon without armor but that's a good point! With an armor value of 2000 (assumed WvW average here), the dps comes to 236 which is much closer.
Thanks! I hope this is the only mistake I've made with the calc.

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