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Ranger or mech

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So I am currently tossing up between ranger or mech, I want to play a class with a pet and mainly focusing on all forms of pve content as dps working toward legendary etc and smashing out content. What would be the pick or any pros/cons welcome to feedback and or options. 

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It kinda depends what kind of playstyle you prefer, what difficulty level you want to play and how impactful the pet should be. 


Ranger pets are pretty much useless. They deal a very low amount of damage/ provide a little bit of utility. Soulbeast (probably the main ranger spec atm) doesn't even have a pet since they're fused together. 


Untamed can be interesting to play, and has a somewhat decent pet dmge output. It is very powerful & fun to play in the open world, yet has probably the highest skillfloors& ceiling in the game for instanced content. You can expect to buttonmash alot. 


Mechanist are quite strong and have one of the lowest skillfloors ingame. Your mech will also deal a significant amount of your damage/heal/boon output. Its also one of the strongest especs for the open world atm. Mech doesnt really provide many entertaining/challenging play styles, but it will allow you to focus more on f.e. fight mechanics. Its probably one of the best especs for those who want to learn new strikes/raids etc. 


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Both Mechanist and Untamed are very good right now.  Untamed has a higher dps ceiling but it is one of the more difficult specs to get the rotation right.  

Both fill a similar role in pure dps or the option to play alacrity dps.  But one thing to note is that mechanist can also play a healer and ranger would need to swap to Druid to do so.  

Honestly they are both good right now so I would choose whichever you think is coolest visually or theme wise.  

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