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Suggestion For Handicap Option In ATs - Give Old Players Something New - Make It Easier On New Players

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Real simple idea:

  1. Add optional handicap for AT matches.
  2. Your team would have to agree to take on the handicap which effects your entire team.
  3. Something like "-30% health" maybe even other effects like "-15% movement speed" or "-20% damage"
  4. Each handicap selected would increase gold gained at the end of the match. If an AT win gives 1g and let's say 4x handicaps were selected where each handicap is +25% more gold, then the end match gold rewarded would be 2g from being amplified by 100% from the handicaps.
  5. Could even figure out a way for handicap gold bonus to effect end AT gold rewards.

The point behind this idea is to give strong teams an incentive to take on handicaps so that new players on the scene can have more fun matches against them, instead of getting rolled 500 to 0.


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8 minutes ago, Hotride.2187 said:

Or just dont play meta?

Yeah we went through that phase already, trying to lighten up on new players.

Prob there is there is no real incentive to do it. Playing more softly only to get deprivation in point ratios kills your placement progression in the AT and that's all it does. If there were a simple handicap system that boosted rewards, taking the risk to use them would actually be worth it for the sake of generating more rewards.

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