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fk balance seriously

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8 hours ago, SFShinigami.1572 said:

At this point might as well just make random tuning changes every few weeks to randomly jumble things up to keep things fresh, who cares if something gets over or under done if it shifts again a few weeks later.

What if that's actually what they're doing...

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14 hours ago, Xenesis.6389 said:

Highly doubt he even does that, given how out of whack some numbers are..

"WvW is the "Cornerstone" of the GW2 Outhouse. Lack of communication, development, full of class favoritism and biased class balancing. Anet only runs with elitist boon balls, should answer your future class and group balance questions. "World Restructuring/Alliances" will become a massive pug feeding ground for elitist boon ball groups for "content" and "bags". Stop feeding them, make them bored, force Anet to finally, properly, balance boon ball with it's counters."


you said it all


"Truth Hurts, Deception Hurts More"

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