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While [EcK]Elite Contract Killers is a thief exclusive guild we would like to take up the mantle in making us a starting point of truly pushing the limits in sPvP/WvW and PvE Endgame using thief and only thief while simultaneously training those interested in the class and its especs. Also, This in mind, we want to provide a mentor service as well as a theorycrafting service to those wishing to discuss different methods as the game comes through with more patches across each class anyway.

There is no need to join the guild, only be an active discussion based community, those joining will have their channels in discord unlocked as they progress through ranks within said discord. IE: guild members have their own channels, guests have limited access to channels. Please also considering our gw2thief subreddit!

there is NO need to join the guild. but if you do please #role select in the discord after verification!

also for the videos of what weve done so far:


If interested were mostly a wvw guild building team comps for zerg busts on Darkhaven.

For the pvers joining the community or guild we do need knowledgeable raids and strikes commanders to help organize and plan events!


And ya know what, don't worry about joining thie discord if you don't want to, send me a pm or mail in game and I would personally love to help in most anyway I can with advice or build talk!

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