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Forbidden Illegal Technology

Grand Marshal.4098

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I present to you the one single build which has given me lootbags for days!

My fellow warriors, this is by no means a secret to you all, nor groundbreaking, but I hereby present to you, my single most efficient DRAGON BANNER BUILD to deal with nasty enemies and get lootbags. 


Full Sentinel/Soldier with Durab rune or Melandru whatever you prefer. 

You may ask now, but Marshal why not play Stalwart for the DB cc? Well this build has enough stab already and you need to keep your distance a bit too. Vigor from stances with endurance food synergizes amazingly with Resilient Roll. 

Resilient Roll and banner of tactics, with dogged march and rampage (during bursts) allows you to shake off all inhibiting condies that usually destroy your breakbar with the banner. 

With your high health from gear and momentum stacks on your weapons, you are tanky enough to eat a few hits and survive, not to mention the excellent synergy between the following:

Lots of CC abuses Aggressive Onslaught, coupled with DB skill 5 and Heightened Focus procs, as well as the quickness from BoT(the other 2 GMs on discipline wont benefit you while on banner) and you not only have pretty much perma resi but also high quickness uptime which means 25% increased movement speed +25%  warrior's sprint with no swiftness! 

And then with Dragon Banner skill 4 and BoT you got a nice superspeed burst too! 

Defiant stance is amazing for cleave and Endure pain should be kept to break stun if your defiance is broken. 

If you ensure that your breakbar does not go down, you will survive (unless you fall into dmg alone). 

Ofc we need Fortitude for more vitality and Peak Performance for Rampage windows. 

As for active weapon before the pickup, use either, hammer usually is where I got my permanent buff sigils (momentum + stamina) and sword shield is for kiting and tanking. 

Have fun in Stonemist! 


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1 hour ago, Azure The Heartless.3261 said:


All three hut serpent is most flexible. 


Built another warrior with bestial. Finally got an excuse to use the more terrifying face options. 

I only grabbed Bestial. I didn't like the fire emblem one, but the serpent one was good. I did gold to gems this time and didn't want to spend more gold on it. I have 14 Aurene legendaries to make after the SAB festival. Going to need my coin.

Got to say though, Bestial looks good on that kitty.

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19 minutes ago, Azure The Heartless.3261 said:


excuse me? 👀

I've been on a mission to craft them. Back in Oct. I decided to craft the rest all at once, mostly to say that I did. I will have all the requisite materials other than the precursors, poems, and mystic runestones after the SAB festival.

Currently sitting on 1000 A.S.S. 1,500 Jade runestones, and 1,186 Ambergris. I have 11 Gifts of condensed might/magic, 18 GoB, 14 Gifts of Cantha and research, 70 Blessings of the Jade Empress, and 14 each of gift of glory/war.

The new meta map is nice for catching some easy Ambergris in a matter of minutes.


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