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Returning player/Wow refugee looking for PVX guild (EU)

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I've been playing GW2 on and off since it came out, but just did solo content before i went back to raid/pvp in WoW because of lack of people to play with in GW2

But now i'd like to dip my toes in the endgame GW2 has to offer (fractals/raids/pvp/strike WvW) and i'm looking for a bunch of weirdo's to mess around with. Preferably with some experience/skill to point me in the right direction and to learn from/compete with.

What do i have to offer?

I'm a multiclasser, love to fill whatever role people need. I'm a semi casual player with a decent gamesense in MMO's. In WoW i've raided mythic, pushed keys to 20-25's and PVPed in the Duelist-Gladiator range. My skill in GW2 won't directly translate, but i learn fast.

For WvW i don't mind swapping servers if needed.


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