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What/who did I just hear?

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I was standing by the Trading Post in Rata Sum and heard a deep, gravely voice saying "I was the favourite!"

My character is a sylvari elementalist (tempest) who has finished the personal story, Season 2 and HoT but nothing else. The sound definitely came from GW2 because the only other thing running on my PC was 1 tab on this forum. I don't remember ever hearing it before and I'm in Rata Sum a lot, but there were a lot of people behind me, so it might have been something someone else did.

Edit: It happened again just after I posted this, but I still can't tell where it's coming from.

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16 minutes ago, Gibson.4036 said:


Check the trivia section at the end of the wiki article.

As to Rev legends, as far as I know only the Rev player hears those, right?

Thank you! That must be it.

And yeah I'm pretty sure only the revenant can hear their legends talking. Even other revenants don't.

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