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Returning player, looking to join a guild on HoD

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I have an 80 Elementalist weaver (spec not completely unlocked).

I live in Hawaii, so I am hoping to join a west coast guild but I'm not picky with time zone.

I like WvW and other PvP activities, though I have an interest in doing PvE content as well.

I plan on making multiple characters later once I fully unlock the Weaver spec and am open to guild needs.

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Well, if you're looking for WvW on HoD my guild [LOFI] Beats to Relax and Study To is recruiting WvW on HoD actually!

We are a new fight guild that plays an aggressive, melee style. We are open to teaching/helping however we can if that's something you're interested in and we often to open footage reviews with constructive criticism (not tearing down people's gameplay down to the dodge frames and whatnot lol; the goal is to come out with positive objectives not feeling like kitten). We are also an IRL first guild. 

We run MW at 8.30pm EST and F at WvW Reset (main driver will normally run M and F).

Outside of WvW we do a lot of dueling, SPvP, roaming, running with other groups, some PvE, and play other games together. 

Unfortunately Weaver is not in our current squad composition, but we are willing to help you however we can to get you set up on whatever you feel most comfortable on running/want to run that fits the comp!

If this sounds interesting to you, check out our forum post (below) or DM me on disc at OGDefious#2128.



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