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Level 80 - dying in main story

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On 3/7/2023 at 6:03 AM, Swither.3541 said:

I have recently come back to GW2 and am having a blast after over 10 years away.


I am at the final chapter of the main story in Orr and I have noticed that I keep dying regardless of character.

I have a lvl 80 elementalist - condition build, lvl 80 warrior - berserker build.

Is the last chapter higher difficulty overall ?  Am I rushing things and should I complete the zone before progressing the story?

I am dreading the expansions as they are known to be harder!


Any advice please about the content difficulty?



so the last areas in orr feature enemies that apply a lot of conditions to you, so you will need to figure out your condition clearing skills / combo fields to survive that.


elementalist has a lower hp value unless your condi armor has +vitality or +toughness, and a berserker warrior can be very glassy if you're not paying attention to the same stats


so changing your stats / skills / traits would be required to be more conducive to your survival.


and yes, if orr is killing you, heart of thorns is going to be excruciating.


try using basic karma armors found in orr from the cathedral vendors that give +toughness or +vitality and one offensive stat (condition damage or power perhaps?), that will make the ride to heart of thorns easier.


try to get at least exotic armor / accessories, and be able to withsttand the undead attacks in orr before moving to the next areas.


the silverwastes will give you a good flavor for whats going to come next in heart of thorns. enemy spawns begin to scale with the number of players in the area, so if your stats are not in order, and you don't have stunbreak/condition removal, you are going to have a rough time.


i first enjoyed (enjoyed is a strong word) heart of thorns as a totally berserker's stat elementalist, and i'm sure you could pave the entire path in verdant brink with just the corpses from my elementalist deaths.


however, welcome back, level 80 is just the beginning now 😃

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