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Last bit of hopium

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Let me start this off by addressing that the pvp balance right now is not entirely bad... theres ALOT of dmg in the game right now it's for the most part fun and dynamic. But there are 2 specific classes who slow the game and damage down way more then should be legal... 1st of all the bane of this meta Elementalist and i will blame the casual community for this eternaly, just because they are unable to play vs conditions they nerfed every condi build to the point of not worth playing which lets tempests take stone heart, this trait is just to put it bluntly absurd... imagina any other class getting away with a trait that will ignore 2/3 stats of most builds because ofc we all just use berserker amulets. So theres nearly no way to pressure a tempest anymore, same with powerful aura... why does this trait not have a substantial cooldown, i dont believe they can be so oblivious to the fact that tempest just spits out aura's so now we have for the most part a tempest giving everyone shocking aura which kittens melee builds that have next to no stab uptime and reflect aura kittens the ranged classes plus frost aura reduces damage incoming by 10% on top of prot which isnt realy hard to get with the current team comp tempest 2 cata... and it's a simular problem with catalyst, Elemental Epitome... it shouldnt be nerfed Anet it should be reworked catalyst is the only class at the moment running arround pvp with nearly every boon while rotating between shock aura and magnetic and on top of that again you have focus for more magnetic aura air 4 and the invul... they have to look at those skills if they reduce the amount of aura generation they will enable so much more... ranger is not being played anymore or if it is it has to run signet of the hunt or else it's just useless, on which i dont even want to get started but that skill is such an obv show of how power crept the game has become when you compare it to something like shift signet (not saying mech overpowered or anything) but shift signet is a 25% ms passive which also ports you gives boons to your mech etc. while signet of the hunt just gives 10 unblockables and superspeed on a 30 sec cd... come one arena net. But ranting aside pvp is nearly great again, it just has this massive problem which has been creeping up for months now and now that it's become just insane we are supposed to wait till the middle of april just to get a slight nerf on something without the problems getting addressed? I'm sure i'll get called a noob etc. for seeing the problems that it has by people being low key 1300 rating while i have nearly every pvp title in the game but ay just hoping anet will see this and think a bit, i didnt even touch virtuoso while not overpowered at the moment they will become a problem if left unchecked while they keep nerfing sidenoders like warrior.

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i left many thing out cause i didnt want to make this a book. so before anyone writes on what i forgot or whatever i know all the issues of pvp and wvw just dont feel like addressing all of them

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