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[EU] Semi-hardcore PvE guild, looking for new members

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Are you tired of joining raid/strike pugs and struggling to get clears? Do you want to become better at the game? Do you wish you’d have multiple teammates, with a plethora of experience in multiple classes, without joining a static? Do you want to learn and improve at the game, with trainers and players willing to take their time and help you?

Asgardians [AG] is a semi-hardcore social European-based guild that can offer a place for you to become an above-average enjoyer of end-game instanced PvE. With our team of experienced members, we can provide consistent clears of almost all content in the game.

What our fixed schedule provides right now is the following:

Monday raid FC including CMs [KC, SH, W4, W6, W7], running from 19:00 to 22:00,

Tuesday strike FC (with full IBS, AH, XJJ, OLC* and KO* CM (*if we have a full group of exp members), running from 19:00 to 21:30,

Daily CM+T4+Recs fractal runs (with runs averaging around 1 hour),

Training by request (for whole sets of wings; individual role practice) if spots fill.

Our next set of goals that we are looking forward towards are:

Establishing a 10-man progression group for HT CM.

Establishing a 1-7FC speed progression static (Sunday evenings at 19:00 CET), whose goal will be to learn advanced raid clearing strategies while also attempting to achieve clear times of around the 2h mark.

Next to that, we also like to explore other options that GW2 has to offer – we have WvW and PvP enjoyers, achievement hunters, open world commanders (focusing mostly on Dragons End), with ties to the map completion speedrunning community and much more. We are looking for players that already have prior experience with raiding. However, we are also willing to make an exception for individuals that show a strong drive for improvement, no matter their prior experience. The other requirements we also follow are:

An age requirement of 20+,

Be EU server based,

Have a working microphone and speak English,

Be ready to join an environment where constructive criticism will be provided when needed,

Desire for self-improvement.

Our recruitment process is as follows:

If you are interested in joining, please join our discord ( https://discord.com/invite/asgardians ) where you read the rules and PM our recruitment officer (Nia),

You will have a short interview with our officer where you will be asked to fill in an application and asked about your expectations, motivation, and goals. After the interview, if everything is in order you will receive an invite to the guild and a role on discord,

If you are already an experienced player; to be able to join any of our raids/strikes, you will have to go through a trial process, which will include killing several different raid bosses, where your knowledge and skills will be assessed – we put a lot of emphasis on individuals knowing how to raid properly and knowing mechanics well. This will then result in 3 possible outcomes:

If the officers see you as a good fit, you will be given permission to join and sign up for our future events as your heart desires,

If the officers accept your potential but see you need to brush up on some mechanics, you will be asked to do some more training (do not fret, we run multiple trainings by request),

If the officers do not see you as a fit you will be removed from the guild.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining, read the discord rules and pm Nia on discord.

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