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Guardian scepter is annoying to use

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A lot of weapons have multiple attack "phases" (for lack of a better word) for the #1 weapon skill. For example, Axe has Core Cleave, Bleeding Edge, and Searing Slash. Staff has Bolt of Wrath, Searing Light, and Seeking Judgement. 


Having these three phases in one skill mixes up the attack animation and makes things a bit less repetitive.


Guardian scepter only has one phase, Orb of Wrath, and the attack animation is really fast. So attacking something is like this:




And then you attack your next target:




It's just unpleasant. 


You can mix it up with weapon skills #2 and #3, but they're on cooldowns, so you're right back to:




I'd like to use scepter but I don't know if I can listen to that sound pummeling my ears. 


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11 hours ago, Hotride.2187 said:

Kind of a first world problem tbh.

Agreed, but also a really stupid take on a site about a particular video game. Every single thing communicated here is a first world problem or subject. 

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