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Revive Orb false advertising (Support Ticket 8926298)

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I already submitted a support ticket for this issue but Support said "Sadly, as the support, we do not have a direct influence on the game to make changes. We have found that the best way for the Development team to gather and review player feedback and suggestions is through the official forums."  


So the issue is that the description on the Revive Orb is incorrect.  Hovering over the item in your inventory or hovering over the item on the BLTC both say "Rally from defeat at your current location.  This item cannot be used in raids, PvP, or WvW."  In actuality, the Revive Orb cannot be used in raids, STRIKES, PvP, or WvW.  I guess it makes sense that Revive Orbs cannot be used in strikes as they are similar to raids.  But strikes are NOT raids.  Raids and Strikes each have their own listing on LFG and have separate entries under Achievements on the Hero panel.  Anet needs to update the Revive Orb description to note that they cannot be used in strikes.  Or just change the description to say Revive Orbs can only be used in the open world, Dungeons, or Fractals.

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