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Display name does not match account name (with associated API issues?)

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I have a really weird thing going on and support is acting completely clueless. I'm getting the royal run-around and it's mighty frustrating. Maybe someone here has an idea why this is happening.

The account name for my main is ElfNoir.2794. The display name, however, is some collection of gobbledegook that is totally unrelated. It's showing as 6D9EFE0B-2774-E2AA-AAD2-79B4662F1653.7065. Yup, not kidding. It's like it's been corrupted.

I have three accounts (one is only a daily chest collector). On two of my accounts the Account Name matches the Display Name and I have NO API issues. None, nada, zilch. I can log into GW2Efficiency and use BlishHUD (and log into this forum) and everything works just fine. That, however, is not the case (sadly) with my main account. I can make a new API key but when I try to register it in BlishHud it's flagged as invalid or corrupt. When I enter it into GW2Efficiency I get API errors.

Any idea why this is so screwed up? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Gaia, the Head Elf (logging in with my second account because I can't with my main)



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I don't think your problem can be solved here. You can' t create a valid key with your main account, so i think the problem lays within your account (no clue what). The API is just a system to look things up from your account (but you need a valid key to do that).

I suggest you create a support ticket.

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