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Mistlock Singularity should recharge Virtuoso's Blades


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Players with Power builds just burst things down under my Condition Virtuoso's nose upon entrance in some Fractal fight scenarios, while I have to wait for my Blades to be fully charged.

It would be nice if the Mistlock Singularities would recharge all Blades just like they recharge FB Tomes.and Pages.

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blade renewal + mantra charge is a 5+ second precast to get to your default state!

adding mimic will make ur precast longer than a pug hfb's


its actually worse because all your skills are channeled casts with annoying aftercasts making them annoying to swap out

its literally a 8+second precast and thats only with precasting mimic (apart from charging your base kit) haha whos the kitten in charge

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Yeah, i even have a new template for this. Before mantra changes it was ok. But now you do: blade renewal + mantra charge + mimic + swap template/take singularity. Takes forever tbh and if someone goes in quickly you're stuck with wrong utilities and without even taking singularity. I dont mind doing blade renewal+mimic. But now with mantra changes.. it's quite annoying. I'd rather see them revert mantra changes, that would be way better. 

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