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Recycler: Jade Slivers broken since last patch

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Whereas it used to always recycle low end trash, it now is missing sometimes up to 50% of the Junk I get

Specially junk that drops from containers.

It used to recycle everything, Now I have 2 Porus Bones in my inventory. I double checked to make sure, but this character has the recycler equiped.

Before last update it was very rare that it sometimes missed one, now it seems it does not recycle from containers AT ALL anymore. 

That is not what I expect it to do, so please fix that.

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Then why did it recycle it for me before? 

Plus 2 days ago I had 4 Dandelion in my inventory from plant nodes.

Those should have been recycled for sure.

If nothing else, this makes no sense: you either recycle or dont recycle low end trash. Not half/half.

The way it performs now, nothing from any bag or container and regular miss on nodes, I think it is a bust item. Not worth it at all.

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