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Aetherblade and Drowned Kainerg


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I was wandering on Ankka's page on GW2 wiki, and I found the following paragraph:

"The Aetherblades ran into Kralkatorrik during his rampages through the Mists. In panick to escape the Elder Dragon, they forced their way out of the Mists earlier than intended and went through a Mists Portal, escaping back to Tyria, finding themselves in Cantha. While in Cantha, Ankka hid with most of the non-human Aetherblades in the ruins of Drowned Kaineng. During their time in hiding, Ankka learned of the Harbingers, and studied their magic and techniques."

So far, not so much Aetherblades Harbringers have been seen, many of the ones from Shing Jea Island ended like Mai Trin: Haunted, with a blindfold, revenant specs.

The weekly specifically says Non Human Aetherblade, is it to understand that, Humans/Pirates aetherblades established camps and bases in shing jea, north of kainerg city and echovald forest, whreas Asuras like the Inquest part of the Aetherblades stayed in Drowned Kainerg? 

If so, Drowned Kainerg would be like aetherblade retreat near lion's arch? Just to maintain the equipements, there are surely asura. I am curious of the continuation of the story, after all, we met mai trin in EoD and we still have that Dredge technician that were working for them with us.

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We see some of the Aetherblade camps in the map, though I think it's more of Ankka herself learned Harbingers vs the Aetherblades in general did.

Another thing to note is the bases in Shing Jea came about after the airship fleet crashed, not before besides the one established base near Zen Dajun, all others are quickly made. The haunted/revenant Aetherblades came about from the mist travels.

There may be a more developed hideout in drowned Kaineng though, where they docked airships in secret.

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