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[EU] somewhat experienced raider lf chill raid group very experience in W 1-5 and 7 have not done allot of 6

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My kp.me: https://killproof.me/proof/5pm2n
I am mostly looking for chill people LGBTQ+ friendly is a must. potentitally looking for fractal groups also. flexable times each week and down to Learn W6 more if its part of your rotation each week. I have not done CMs outside of KC and dont really aspire to. so a group who does 1-5 + 7 with just KC CM would be ideal. 
My discord: Shae#0369
26year old trans person from ireland playing GW2 for almost a year and mostly just looking for chill friends and a steady raid group. I have comfortable P+C DPS/QHeal/QDps and AHeal builds never really found an alac dps i liked outside of alac power mech but i dont enjoy that really. I would prefer to be QDps normally or healer for fights that dont require a tank 

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