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[OCX-WvW] (NA-Gate of Madness) Save the Moa Foundation [SMF] LFM players for Core Zerg & GvG Group!

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Save the Moa Foundation [SMF] are looking for OCX players to build up a core guild zerg & GvG group for WvW on Gate of Madness! We're a fairly new WvW guild, recently transferred from Darkhaven to be with our alliance [FITE](which used to be called [DHU]) and to fill the gap of an oceanic zerg guild on GoM, and we're now looking for more who are keen to fight other OCX guilds and achieve our server's goals. We run on Tues/Thurs/Sat at 8-10pm AEST. On Tuesday we also do guild missions, and we may be also dipping our toes into PvE (fractals/strikes) in the near future.


We're currently looking for both Heals/Support (Healbrand, SpB, Temp, Vindi, Druid) and DPS players (Reaper, Scourge, DH, Scrapper, Vindi, Herald, LB Zerker) who are willing to learn and use guild meta builds (We can help you gear up), and join discord (mic needed for GvGs, and recommended but not necessary for our usual runs (but you will still need to listen!)). Having multiple classes/builds to switch as the group needs is highly regarded. New and experienced players welcome! For new, or inexperienced WvW players, we can also help you get your warclaw mount and answer any questions you may have about this game mode!


Whisper/mail Thero.1643 in game or join our discord at https://discord.gg/gt4ZE5g9Q3 for more info and/or invite!

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