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Getting back to dragonfall

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If you have any teleport to friend consumables go to Lion's Arch and ask if someone can go there for you to port to them. This works with all maps you have access to (except instances eg. guild halls) and usually there's helpful folks willing to do this. Or if you've been there already with that character you can open world map and click a waypoint there (should have the main hub waypoint unlocked if you've been there). The area is located in SW section on the map of Tyria, south from where the Orr areas are.

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Do enough events to unlock the volatile magic vendor that will allow you to buy the Dragonfall Portal scroll.  That will let you port any level 80 character into the map for free.  I keep all the Season 3, 4, and IBS in their respective portal tomes in my shared inventory slots, along with the Arborstone portal scroll.


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