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QoL suggestion for guardians in pvp


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Kinda feels like damage guardian specs have to run berzerker's for competetive damage, but having 11.6k hp is just not viable in higher ranks.

Maybe Virtues last minor talent would also grant power or ferocity based on vitality (atm it grants condition dmg) it would be viable to take Marauder's? 

Or maybe Hunter's Determination could also grant 100-200 vitality? atm it's a nice desgin for a talent but rather weak. It would only benefit DH but that's something too.

Seems to me guardians are shoe-horned into support which tempest just does better, for a pretty long time now. Willbender can get away with marauder but it can't really justify its damage compared to its lackluster defensives, They always feel like the easiest target compared to other specs.


It just feels like I either have to choose either "low to medium damage and low health" or "insane damage and insanely low health", I'd really like for something in between.


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15 hours ago, DanSH.6143 said:

... it would be viable to take Marauder's? 


That's it right there. Most power builds for all classes run marauder's gear in WVW, mixing in dragon's pieces when you hit 100% crit chance.

Some WB builds run hybrid gear for roaming due to fast burns.

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