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[EU] Soul Temple Guardians [Soul] is recruiting

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A brief intro:

Once a full guild with just shy of 100 members, a few months ago; STG is rebuilding its crew.

We lost valuable members who stopped playing altogether, or migrated to NA.

Our current top Ranks only play occasionally, or it has been months since they last played.



We are looking for active players,  mostly for Guild Missions.

No pressure to donate materials.

No experience required.

No other criteria.

All we ask is that you are an active player, represent whenever possible, and want to stay with us.


We Offer:

We are at level 27 at the moment.

Most priority goodies are already unlocked.

We have available:

All boosters, including Magic Find.

Guild Portal.

Way Point Discount.

Scribing Station.

All buildings upgraded to level 2.

PvP Arena

And much more.


Please come visit our Guild Hall in the Island, and bring your friends.


PM or Email me Ingame for an invitation.

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