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On 3/11/2023 at 7:44 PM, Dr Meta.3158 said:


From a d&d standpoint, invisibility the spell is used by wizards, warlocks, artificers, bards, sorcerer, and one specific kind of druid. Out if that list we essentially have:

Wizard = Elementalist

Bard = Mesmer

Artificer = Engineer

Druid = Ranger (barely)

Rouge -> Arcane Trickster = Thief

So funnily enough stealth as the mechanic is designed in guild wars 2 makes the least sense of thief since turning invisible is a spell and there is only one rogue subclass that can barely cast magic (arcane trickster) still can use that spell, barely, and only at a high level. Invisibility is also not nearly as powerful in d&d (or any other game) as it is in guild wars 2, is only useful as an opener in combat, and is a bit of a waste of a spell slot to do so too for the marginal gain. Its not even for the gain you think. People can tell you're around if you're invisible in d&d, you're just harder to hit so long as you don't attack. I think this Guild Wars 2 has the most broken implementation of invisibility in all of gaming most likely. I would said thats beating a dead horse, but that horse has long been decomposed and devoured and the organisms that devoured it are dead too.

Now sneaking around, moving fast, dodging hits, backstabbing, etc makes sense for a rogue.

Ranger now has the most effective stealth in dnd with the addition of gloomstalker.

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On 3/10/2023 at 9:09 PM, jdawgie.1835 said:

On Stealth:

A few things need to be adjusted.

  • If you appear close to the target a noise and/or indicator should take place (Like the noise WoWs rouge gives off when your being stalked)
  • If you appear in front of the face of your opponent a shadow image should appear to give the opponent time to counter (also like WoWs rouge)
  • Big damage for thief and only thief should be a thing from stealth but if you miss you should be reavealed (Not the weird mechanic we have now) but you should be exposed and open to a counter attack. Forceing the thief to re-stealth and regroup if their opponent misses their opportunity for counter. This is engaging game play each side has a chance to capitalize on the others mistake.

Stealth is already ridiculously good and there's no situation where it should be better or more complicated to use.

The only two things Stealth needs to make it good without making it stupidly broken.

1. Stealth breaks on initiation of anything so, no more stealth channeling of attacks and no more stealth stomps.

2. Applying Stealth gives you a Grace Timer (Duration dependent on the length of the stealth effect) that, while it lasts, makes you unable to be affected by a new stealth effect. No more chaining them to get in and out. Remove NPC auto reveal, like the Sentries in WvW. Player Reveal abilities now give Grace Timer instead.

Compensate Thieves with more health since Stealth is their primary method of offense and defense after all, and they would be left dry with it getting a much-needed reduction in power and efficiency.

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