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Helmets and outfits

Helmets and outfits  

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  1. 1. How many of you wish that you could combine helms with outfits just like you can with capes?

    • Yes that is a good idea, we need that Anet, its always fun with more fashion items / choices.
    • No, that is a bad idea we already got enough fashion choices.

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Hmm, did you add a poll so that this topic doesn't get merged with the other helmet/outfit topics? I am not sure a poll will prevent that.

People have been asking to wear their own headgear with outfits since outfits were introduced.  The design team at the time should have realized that would be the case.  They could have asked us for feedback during the concept phase of outfit development.

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I'd like the option sometimes, but it would need to be done in a way where we don't lose the head pieces which are currently part of some outfits. For example if I'm wearing the Pirate Captain's Outfit I want to be able to have the matching hat without having to change my armour headpiece to a pirate captain's hat.

Maybe it could be done by changing how to check boxes for showing and hiding head pieces work. Have a seperate one for the outfit so if you've got your actual helmet ticked and the outfit one unticked it shows the helmet with the outfit, if you have both ticked it shows the outfits head piece, if you have neither ticked it hides both and your character has a bare head.

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