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Grasping Darkness


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I've been playing a lot of reaper and can't comprehend why GS 5, Grasping Darkness, isn't a skillshot ability.

I wouldn't mind the grab being slow with a long cd.  But when I'm trying to pull a mob that's further away to get them closer to some other mobs to aoe down and end up aiming at the mob I'm standing next to.  Or when I'm doing pvp and go for a grab and the enemy just steps ever so slightly to the side, not even dodging, and miss, it makes the grab feel incredibly annoying to use.


Do the devs have any reason as to why Grasping Darkness isn't a skill shot?  Being able to see those 3 lines and aim said lines to have more effective pulls would be so much better than grasping for literal darkness, as in nothing. 

Or is this a skill issue?  Even though I'm asking for the ability to be a 'skill'shot.

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The issue pretty much started when they increased the gs5 range, essentially nerfing it on some closer ranges since the cast time is the same but starts further out (if you even noticed, the skill fully casts at like 30% cast bar).

If you want to aim it in a specific direction (to catch side moving mobs/player) you have to untarget any enemy and aim your camera into the direction you want the skill to start at - assuming youre moving at the same time - it will then end at your new position at the end of the cast. You can essentially make the cast bend around a corner if you port with wurm/spectral walk and moving through your target can sometimes help to hit it form behind. 


Spectral grasp used to be single target tab target and now just aoe´s around you so youre kinda kitten outta luck if you got more targets around you.

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Grasping Darkness used to be 750 range. It became harder to land when its range was increased to 900 and they did not adjust the cone, which is now smaller (the skill became easier to sidestep). Grasping Darkness has seen a cooldown reduction in the competitive modes after this change, which implies that anet does not plan to readjust the cone to increase the reliability of the skill, but instead to lower the penalty when it does not land due to the decreased cooldown.

That said: Grasping Darkness is one of the better necro wapon skills. There is other stuff anet should fix before - for example basically every single dagger skill (mainhand and offhand).

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