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Daily completionist achievement

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Anyone else not getting your 10 points added after completing daily achievements. Mine has been stuck for weeks. I have tried to submit a ticket but every time it tells me to login, then I login and try to submit a ticket then it tells me to login again. It is like a never-ending loop and never get to submit a ticket. 

I'm getting no progress towards my achievement chests.

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There is a limit of 15 000 achievement points from the daily achievements, after you reach that number you will no longer get the AP from dailies, only the items. You can check that number when you hover over the AP points in the hero panel.

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5 minutes ago, Crazy.6029 said:

Does it count monthly towards the daily too?

It must count the monthly too, because I have exactly 277 points in the monthly category. 

Ok, Thank you very much 🙂

Yes, it counts dailies + monthlies for people who gained any before they removed that system.

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