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help getting mastery points.

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41 minutes ago, Deathcow.5016 said:

I need to get past mastery  rank 3  need help doing this thank you for your reply looking for help to play and get past this so i can get the springer 

And you already collected all of these?

Crystal Oasis Amnoon Bazaar

Crystal Oasis Old Amnoon

Crystal Oasis Imed’s Grotto

Crystal Oasis Sifuri Quicksand

Desolation Silent Islr

Desolation Shattered Ravines

There are some you could ask for a portal to such as the quicksand one in Crystal Oasis for example.

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When I first got my  mounts I followed that Dulfy guide to get the needed masteries. It really did help. You can also ask in map chat if there are any mesmers who can give you a portal to mastery points you can't reach. If you have teleport to friend items, you can ask anyone to let you port to them.

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You don’t need to go to riverlands or desolation and since you are after the springer, I’m guessing you are doing things in order. Have a look in your achievement panel under Amnoon, Desert Highlands and Story Act one. There’s enough from those to get mastery 3. They will have a purple icon where a mastery point exists

You can venture to other to other maps as others suggest, but it is not necessary- enough exists from the first two maps (following the guide linked above) or achievements

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You can get enough Mastery points without any outside help, but it's also worth saying: you can just ask in map chat and someone around will likely help you get to Mastery points early if you want to go that route.
If I'm on (usually in the evenings, NA) and you want help just ask.

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