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(EU) Maddness Alliance (Sheo). Brand New Guild Looking for Brand New People :D


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Tired of Level 9000 Guilds with all the fun already had? 

Had enough of Guilds filled with people who already know each other and pre-set raid stacks? 

Want to play the game without pressure or stress, with a social and friendly atmosphere? 

Then look no further than the Maddness Alliance, a brand new guild currently with exactly 1 person. That's right, it's like starting the game from fresh, only with more mucking around.

I got tired of trying to find a guild where maybe I might fit into the existing structures, so we're giving making one for ourselves an attempt.

Looking for fun people to give all PvE content a kitten good go. And to build a friendly and active guild, obviously. 

If you're interested, drop a message on the forum, or at "TheWiggin.5932" ingame for an invite.  

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