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[WvW] Warrior: Earthshaker wrong damage on Beserker (despite patch)

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Seems like the following patch did not include the Burst "Earthshaker" for the Berserker spec:

October 04, 2022
  • Increased power coefficient from 0.01 to 0.682 in PvP and WvW.


The damage coefficient for Berserker is still 0.01 in WvW (Dragon stats):


Edit: This ONLY applies when the trait "Burst Mastery" is applied. Without the trait chosen, the damage display is normal.


in comparison Spellbreaker in WvW (Minstrel stats):


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18 hours ago, Esufer.8762 said:

Is it just a tooltip error? Sometimes the tooltips are completely out of whack across the game. What numbers are you seeing when you hit an enemy?

ah my bad, should have tested it. It is just the tooltip.

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