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[EU] [PvE] Skritts And Crits [SAC] is recruiting active PvE Players

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Skritts And Crits [SAC] is recruiting. We are an English PvE focused guild looking for active players to get involved in PvE content.

Whether you're new to the game or have been playing for years, you'll find a friendly welcome.

We do a range of content including fractals, raids, strike missions and open world events regularly.

We are especially looking for people wanting to join for our raids, particularly for those with experience in W5-7.

Our Guild Hall (on the Isle of Reflection) has all the upgrades you need for PvE content, and we're working on finishing off the PvP/WvW ones.

We are a relaxed and friendly guild and don't expect anything of our members other than to have fun and be nice!

Event Schedule Thursday - 9pm CET - Raid-training for Beginners (Depends on demand) Sunday - 9pm CET - W1-4 Clear, Monday - 9pm CET W5-7 Clear, Fractals and Strikes are usually run with groups advertised on our discord.

The Team

Our Co-Leader, Loth, has a massive amount of experience in the game and has been playing since release. Co-Leader Heartless has been playing and following the game since release. Our three officers, Rilar, Flux and PixelKat also come with a wealth of experience and are the main leaders of our Raids, Strike Missions, Fractals, and other large events.


If you would like to find out more, please join us on our discord server to get an invite. Or you can /w or mail lothlexar.4675, Dylwar.1936 (Rilar), or PixelKat.6920 in-game.

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