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On 3/13/2023 at 11:26 PM, Snorkar.9048 said:

I want to focus on a class with the lore of being like magic for all gamemodes, i prefer distance damage. I’m mostly wvw player with a bit of pve, mostly alone

  Mesmer or Necromancer. Explanations:

   In the heavy armor plate users, the most "magical" choice is the Guardian, but its ranged core weapons are a support tool (staff, for healings and cc) and the scepter, which is mostly single target The Dragonhunter spec uses a longbow, but most of the damage there comes from the traps, which are deployed at point blank. Both Warrior and Revenant ranged weapons feel more ballistic that anything magic.

   The same happens in the mid armored segment:  Ranger, Thief and Engineer rely for ranged attacks on devices which use either mechanical or chemical forces (even high tech in the case of the Holosmith). The only exception would be the Specter, which again is mostly a single target spec when fights at range.

   Amongst the the light armored users, the Elementalist could have been the obvious choice for ranged AoE damage, but ANet has been pushing most of the Ele specs to be providers of mele AoE damage. That leaves Mirage and Necro...

   Mirage is not only a pure spell caster but also unique amongst most of MMORPGs, most of its weapons are ranged and has a wide access to both strong ranged single target burst and huge ranged AoE damage and cc. Has viable ranged builds with staff, greatsword, scepter and dagger, with either condition or physical damage.

  The Necromancer is another ranged powerhouse: all of its core weapons have ranged skills of any kind, varying from single target to AoE, covering both condition and physical builds, and the Harbinger is a single target long range specialist (albeit pushed to fight closer in PvE).

   So, if you want to play a spell caster which fights at range most of the times, I think that currently Mesmers and Necromancers are the best at those role, both in WvW/PvP and PvE.

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