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Trait [Mesmer Bug] Bladeturn Refrain gives aegis immediately when using Bladesong Distortion instead of after the immunity ends

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[TESTED IN WVW ONLY] Using Bladesong Distortion will immediately give you aegis from the trait Bladeturn Refrain instead of after the immunity ends. If you use 5 blade Distortion the aegis drops off of you before the immunity does, rendering it useless.

The trait works correctly ish, with Bladeturn Requiem, giving you the aegis after the 2 second block - though, as a doubled up bug, if you're using the trait Master of Fragmentation to add an extra 1 second block duration to Requiem, the aegis is still given (approx) after 2 seconds, rendering either the aegis or that bonus second useless depending on if you're being hit multiple times.

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