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berserker poor traits


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smash brawler increases berserk duration by 5 seconds

bloody roar increases damage in berserk mode, also gives 3 seconds of resistance entering berserk mode

making it vulnerable to weakness/blind yet again in a longer duration of time and making the longer berserk pointless. because the moment you are resistance-less you are just sitting duck that gets destroyed


there's 2 ways to fix this, 

1. bloody roar pulses resistance



i would like berserker to focus on entering and leaving berserk mode, it is a more interesting and fun gameplay style, then mindlessly going in berserk mode and spam keys

so  make exit berserk  base line for berserker, and make bloody roar give damage bonus and resistance when entering and exiting berserk.

so non berserking berserker would also get help

right now core war in berserker is so garbage including core burst because only getting 2 trait lines.

every single traits for berserker only work in berserk (excluding the new eternal champion trait which made berserker so much more playable even outside of berserk)


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