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Next EXP?

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SUNRISE CREST! Or at least I would like to go there. Depends how this new content releases will work in pracrise I guess. There are lot of location names over unexplored parts of Cantha, will they all be a part of this new EoD releases or some will be a part of the new expac, I dunno. Leading theme of this new content seems to be the jade/void/the deep for now, so I kinda speculated to get some maps placed deep, deep underground, or at least something like Tangled Depths. But will the theme of the story change and we'll see yet another locations, I cannot tell. I can only wish to finally break out of gw1 nostalgia train and go to some brand new place, where's the creativity Arena?

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I assume the next expansion will be somewhere other than Cantha. I think we'll get more Living World releases set in Cantha, continuing the current story, but I think the next expansion will be taking us somewhere new like the last 3 have.

I have no idea where that could be, but I'm quite excited by that. They've re-done all the regions from GW1 now, there are areas which were in the first game which aren't in this one but they're relatively small, like the other parts of Istan or the area around the Eye of the North. So I think the next expansion will be somewhere entirely new.

I'm hoping it will be somewhere on Tyria rather than something like going into the Mists, but I don't mind where exactly because we don't know much (or anything really) about any areas beyond where we've already been, so it will all be new. But if I got to pick I'd like to go east of Ascalon because we can see on the map there's a lot of land there, it's been right next to explorable areas since the start of GW1 and yet we know nothing about it. I want to find out what's out there.

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16 minutes ago, Randulf.7614 said:

More Cantha since it’ll be a mini expac, the underworld itself (not likely but I’m just relating it to the current arc) or just underground

I really, really hope it won't be that mini. I want excitement and fun, not boredom like with the latest mini-chapter.

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3 hours ago, voidek.5738 said:

Time travel to pre-Searing Ascalon. 😅

Slowly time travel xpanion backwards in time with each patch to pre-searing ascalon  ,or after getting beat by any of the Human Gods at the start of it and have different personalities than the GW1 because there also another one that is messing with time or affected their personalities 50-150 years ago !

Tiami could use computer hacking to "hack us back time" !!! 

Trust me it works in "Kung Fury (2015)" a 30 min movie that has the same graphix like the GW2 Super Box trailer

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