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Maybe, the program need some change? It wastes too much CPU time.

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The engine has always been CPU-heavy. It has a particular holdover from single threaded design even though they've improved it over the years so if you want better performance, you get a CPU that benchmarks well on single threads too. AMD used to do more poorly on such programs until the Ryzens came out.

For example, some related discussion https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/p29zk7/is_singlecore_clock_speed_still_king_when_dx11/

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4 hours ago, Rainbow.9137 said:

Just like the title, I have measured GW2 program. The result contains hotspots, threading and topdown.

hotspots: yimitool.com/i/2023/03/16/uga9dn.png ;

threading: yimitool.com/i/2023/03/16/ugahun.png ;

topdown: yimitool.com/i/2023/03/16/uj6m82.png ;

(https://) pre-fix


When the game was released in 2012 most desktops didn't even have dual-core processors, and even having a 64-bit CPU was extremely uncommon, so you can see why it needs a complete engine rewrite for this since technology just changed so much in the last decade.


Up until recently the game used DirectX 9 which doesn't even support threading.

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What I MEAN is that if there haven't too much work to do, the better solution is to call sleep rather than use spin lock.

In total 1515s CPU time, effective time is 711s, the SPIN Time is 802s.

The program is NOT CPU-HEAVY.  In fact, It's SPIN-HEAVY.

THAT is what I want to express or describe.
By the way, it seems that using NVIDIA panel to limit frame better than using the option in game.


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I hope that the developer can use some profiler tool, such as Intel VTune Profiler. Old code need to be refreshed and refit.

Oh, I also find some ASM code in the program, seeming to transform matrix, so cool and effective.

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