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{eu} <Balthazars War Empire> WvW roaming and small team PvE


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We are a EU based guild on the server ruins of surmia.

We are looking for active members for our world content and WvW.

We dont look for perfect builds for WvW.

For our fractiles we require a meta builds.



What do we wanne do as guild?

WvW roaming up to 5 a squad or maybe a bit more .

Meta events. Dungeons and fractiles too.


what are the rules.

1.  Be friendly to all members and other players.

2.  A joke is ok but be careful what and to who you joke

3.  You get max 3 strikes and your out

4.  Events are not mentadory but suggested.


how to join from <Balthazars War Empire>?  join our discord with this link. https://discord.gg/VYPntsAQJM

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