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Isle of Reflection Guild Hall Bugs

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I'd like to gather some bugs that should ideally be fixed in the new guild hall "Isle of Reflection"

Please feel free to post additional ones down below. If possible also give location data or repro steps so the internal QA can have a look at them.


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Bug 1 : Island A (see embedded picture link) plays the wrong footstep sound when you walk around with a mount on it. I believe it is currently using the wet wood sound instead of dirt ground.


Bug 2: Island B (see embedder picture link) is blocked off by invisible walls despite being really far away from the edge of the map.

I'm only mentioning this as a bug instead of just feedback because it very much looks like you should be able the walk/land there. This applies to a few other areas in the new guild hall as well and it would be nice if the walls were removed to make it a bit more spacious.




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