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Movement skills always going towards target, how to stop this?

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I'm a new player and have been enjoying GW2 so far, butI've played both a lot of other mmos and other games and this is the only game I've played where if I use a movement skill it always sends me toward my target. I'm playing bladesworn and I would really like to have break step and gunslinger always just go toward where I'm looking or even what direction I'm pressing. Additionally also frustrating is the flash step that I get during dragon trigger has very short range and if I put the aoe marker for it too far out of the very short range it just becomes unusable instead of teleporting me the max distance possible in that direction, it very frequently ends with me fenagling with the farthest range I can teleport for a half second too long and I just get hit by an aoe or something I would have avoided if it worked like one would expect it to. Overall I really enjoy the game so far, but it's genuinely making me wanna just drop the game because all my movement skills just feel super clunky to actually make work in the ways I'd hope for them to work. Is there some settings I can swap to make movement skills just go towards where I'm facing/moving and to lock aoe indicators for skills at their max distance?

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Autotargeting — If you use a skill with no target selected, the game will automatically select a valid target within the skill's range and in the direction the camera is facing.

Promote Skill Target — Prevents the Autotargeting option from changing targets after a foe has been hit. (Note: Targeting a harvesting node/ally when trying to use a skill on a nearby foe will change the target to that foe with this option on.)


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In addition to the other comments, you also have to deselect your target for most movement skills, by clicking empty ground. Its a bad system but its all we have until they either add a bindable deselection key, or make all movement skills ground targetted so we can aim them properly like Warrior GS #3.

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