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PvP - Burst Symbol Build

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Just did some testing with a build and it slaps nicely. 

Originally I just wanted to play with signets, especially bane signet. But I ended up with a build focusing on symbols.

It makes a lot of fun to burst people with it in pvp. The crits are nice high numbers and the build offers a consistent damage application. 

Due to its very low hp (11,645) it is quite squishy and it also does not offer as much mobility as WB. 

The build resolves around symbols and wants to put down as many symbols as possible. To help with the lack of mobility it uses sword and greatsword. I am saying this because I didn't test other weapons yet but I can imagine that scepter with its symbol or staff might be an option. Mace, even though the damage numbers on the skill tooltip look great, seems to be too slow.


Version 1: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PWwAEx7lJw+YgsJ2IOyLvpXA-zZIPlGlAZKC6VIUwCwEDAA

This version focuses on symbols itself and uses the Honor traitline to max out their duration. The extra symbol when casting a heal skill is another benefit. It doesn't offer any utility though and just wants to go full damage and slap.


Version 2: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PWwAEx7lJw+YgsJ2IOAKvnUA-zZIPlGlAZKE6VEUwCwEDAA

This focuses more on sustain with healing from meditations and having another regular condition cleanse besides the healing skill and the meditation. Also the ultimates cooldown becomes much lower and can be used more often after using the symbol-skills on a contestant point for example. 

With this version I could imagine using Litany of Wrath for consistent heal from the placed symbols. 


Another approach is to trait for virtues. That provides more resolution uptime for the Retribution trait (10% dmg increase while having resolution), condition cleanse and also stability- what the build is missing.


Just wanted to share that. Have fun trying the build yourself and maybe we will see more symbol-guardians in pvp soon 🙂

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Symbolic burst builds are fun. I certainly go all in for damage though, using Virt/Radi/Zeal with Zerk/Marauder amulet + Soldier runes utilizing "Advance!". You'll do LOTS of damage whether you take Scepter or not but currently Greatsword's 7k+ Leap of Faith is simply way too good to pass up on. I feel Val or Honor over Virtues is a waste. Free retal, free AoE cleanses, + a free Stunbreak is just toooo good to pass up on but, imo. Regardless, core guard burst DPS is solid and it's a build that can hit Plat.

I go full damage Willbender, same treelines but with Zerk amulet. The biggest advantage on WB is its mobility and burst AoE potential over Core guard.

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