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Recurring Tonic Issue - Gift Dolyak Tonic (single use)

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The single use Gift Dolyak Tonic is (and has been) broken for quite some time now....like over a year. We use it for funny games but haven't been able to do so in quite some time because each time we try to use it, we get a message saying we can't transform at this time. Here is a screenshot showing what happens. it consumes one of the tonics from the stack but doesn't do anything but tell us we can't....


I reported an in-game bug about this last year, and then sent in a ticket about it just the other day, but the problem goes unresolved. After hearing back from customer support a couple of days ago, they say there is nothing that they can do about it and to try reporting it here. Anyways, it's no big deal, however it IS a broken in-game item that people use currency to buy, so it might be worth looking into.

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