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Trying to pick a bruiser class for PvE


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7 hours ago, FrozenWinter.7298 said:

Revenant is going to wait a bit while I whack a mole with pirates. I'm probably going to do what was suggested above and use my boost on it. This way I can get the stupid thing out of my inventory and start working on an Elite spec. 

   That makes sense since the booster provides you a full set of exotic celestial armor which is exactly what uses in that builds. Mind also that the recomended set of runes (Tormenting) are quite expensive, so don't hurry to try it if you're already enjoying other professions.

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Open World and Instanced Content such as Fractal are 2 separates content that need different consideration in picking profession and your gear setup.


I can only recommend Lord Hizen's builds for OW, as he has proven time and time again that his build works amazing in soloing most of OW contents. Just check out his YT channel for builds and guides.


For fractal, anything on T3 and below works. Despite you might feel that your dps is abit lacking from your build when doing T3 fractals if you use your tanky setup, your OW setup, or whatever setup you want, you can still use them. Just go with whichever type of build you like, on whichever profession you enjoy. If your definition of bruiser is a melee dps that pretty tanky, then go with bladesworn, spell breaker with hammer / dagger + axe, power vindicator, or power soul beast


However, on T4 and CM, is a whole different story as you have to pull your own weight with the best possible gears and trait setup. Say, you choose to play bladesworn, then you have to use full beserker gears with rune thiefs, all of your utility skills are the one that going to help your dps rotation, and picking traits that are for DPSing. 

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Others have said it but I'll say it too.

Scrapper! Its actually a lot tankier than reaper and has great utility on top of that. You can run it as a quickness healer later or as a power quickness DPS if you don't want to just do pure DPS. Honestly, its the best bruiser in my opinion.

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