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I completed daily fractal 100 Sunqua Peak, but did not get my daily chest

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Looks like someone hit the "Leave early button" a bit before the actual end-window popped up (which would have triggered the daily reward). 


Those trolls are rare but there

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27 minutes ago, TheQuickFox.3826 said:


I see. Is there anything I can do as individual? It only seems to happen at Sunqua.

Tell people to not accept the leave prompt before daily chest pop on the right side of the screen.

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Unfortunately I've had this happen a few times. What happened is someone clicked the exit button just before the Fractal was finished in order to troll, then everyone else thought it was the "completion" dialog and clicked leave. Once the majority clicks leave, it exits the instance.


Yes, for some reason the leave dialog only requires a majority vote while the completion dialog requires a full vote. I'm not sure why its like this, but it should probably be more consistent.

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