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The Peoples Front Of Tyria - an EU Casual no stress no pressure guild


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We're a casual EU  mostly PVE guild and some WvW. We believe in no stress or pressure to always be on. Most of us have lives outside the game, SOme have kids,  some are older.

The Guild was around in the first days of GW2 and is now being rebuilt to be a home to many once more.


We believe in being a home for everyone and accepting of everyone. Inclusivity is important to us. If you're looking for a place to say hi and have a chat without being pressured to always be on Discord we might be the home you have been looking for. We do have discord but there's no pressure to always be on. We won't kick you if you disappear for a while because sometimes life happens.

We have experienced players, players returning after a break, and New players. While we don't have an organised events schedule yet we have a lot of members who want to experience all the game content.

If that seems like something you'd like to be part of send me a message in-game or here my player number is Jarv.1972


If we're not what you are looking for then Happy Hunting and see you in Tyria

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