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PSA: Staunch Auras underrated in PvE


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Empowered Empowerment does nothing for you (literally nothing) unless you can't maintain 10 stacks of Elemental Empowerment on yourself. That's not going to happen if you're getting ragdolled around every 5 seconds by the boss. 

If still learning cata, or if CC's are an issue, run staunch auras instead. Being able to ignore the boss's CC instead of having to dodge it and interrupt key abilities like Hurricane of pain will be a net DPS increase over Empowered Empowerment. It will also make your run much smoother/easier on you. 


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If you mean pve then dropping EE is massive.

10% all stats are more than 10% dmg and it is not that hard to generate 7 stacks.

you are always using at least 3 finishers -> 3 ee stacks.
at least 2cc skills. always air 5 and either water 4 air sphere leap or earth 5 ->4 stacks.
1 stack from swapping to fire

-> already 8 stacks every 16/20 sec. You will have only 1/5sec downtime maximum.

It is much better to replace shattering ice with earth armor than dropping EE for stab.

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It can be a decent pick if you end up in a very cc heavy fight without any source of stab (which honestly shouldn't really happen normally). 

For people that try to learn cata but struggle maintaining the EE stacks id advice to go qcata instead. No need to bother about your EE stacks, only like 12-15% lower dps then staunch aura dps cata and some of the best boon coverage ingame. You could even run it as a 2nd Qdps in the group if you're not confident enough to run solo Qdps. The extra bit in boon coverage is definitely worth the 3-4k dps loss.

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