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I seem to be getting weaker


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Just curious, does anyone else feel like they're getting weaker? All of my attacks don't hit like they use to and my sustain seems a little off in WVW and PVE gameplay. All of this appeared within the last 4 days, so I'm wondering is it my imagination or something else. 

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it can be many things, and yes you can't discount it being an in-game anomaly. ran into my fare share over the years. it can also be irl factors.


for me, i'm thrown off lately due to health reasons, but other times its my mood or psychology. or lag, lag spikes can really throw you off specially brief ones mid combat. list can go on.


sometimes we lose awareness and can't keep track and everything can be very, very different.


not sure which it maybe for you, but based on your last comment you seem to have found your bearings. cheers.👌

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On 3/22/2023 at 9:59 AM, Blackthunder.8679 said:

I'm for sure getting weaker, slower, more blind and with unwanted air growing in weird places. But in my case it's clearly aging.

Welcome to the club, but as far as the game is concerned I figured out that problem and made necessary adjustments. Appreciate your feedback though.

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