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If rebound doesn't work in endgame content, it should just be changed entirely.


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The skill doesn't work in the only content worth using it for, AKA raids and strikes that have 1-shot mechanics. They literally just ignore our elite skill.

Does any other class in the game get their elite skill totally invalidated by endgame content? I don't think so.

Because it doesn't work on the only bosses in the game worth using it for, it's far, far weaker than other classes' elite skills. This is very unfair.

I've literally changed to bringing ice elemental with me instead for my alacheal support build, because it can give big heals while it's alive.


Devs should get rid of the Rebound revive effect and give us something that we're actually allowed to use in raids and strikes.

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It does, but only sometimes.  There's two type of one-shot mechanics, and the kind that result in instant defeat tend not to be stopped.  However, the kind that results in instant down can be protected by rebound.  Two examples I can think of off the top of my head are Cardinal Sabir's shockwave and the anomalies from Arkk and Artsariiv.  

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Yeah it's essentially an auto rally. It's not the best at cheeseing mechanics because some of them hit hard enough to skip you past downstate but there are some it works for. Off the top of my head it can save someone from getting chomped in HT, although if they weren't close to getting out of it the damage field left behind might get them anyway. Should also work for VG greens if the squad is already lowish.

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It replaces aegis in situations where you have an unblockable attack that instakills. The best use is probably on Conjured Amalgamate and Keep Construct CM or Deimos CM if you are low on aegis, as the spike damage on Vale Guardian for example occurs too often. I've also seen it being used chained on Dhuum for the bomb (Arcing Affliction) mechanic but that is not realistic.

The best change is probably to make the heal unconditional especially when healing is traited with Elemental Bastion (mutually exclusive with alacrity).

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