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Mechanist Rifle and Mechanical Genius tweaks


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Rifle Burst without the 2nd shots feels slow similar to what rifle was in origin and has gotten an overall damage nerf,

currently has an attack rate of ~1.13 seconds, or ~0.88 attacks per second, bringing it down to 1.0 seconds,

could elevate power rifle builds closer to the pistol condi builds in term of benchmark for pure dps making those somewhat viable again.


Mechanical Genius could really benefit of a radius increase from 360 to 425 to at least par with Flame Jet  from the flamethrower if leaving it as it is,

otherwise it should work as a tether, not allowing the mech to wander freely and stay around you in the specified range,

only if using "attack my target" onto a futher away enemy it is then allowed to step away and loses it's attributes,

to regain them once it is back in range.

This should solve :

- The mech AI nightmare that makes it wander randomly, and spring forward from you often beyond the mechanical genius range.

- Prevent it to get too far away from you when attacking mele an enemy with large hitboxes,

it offten position itself on the other side of the enemy placing it beyond the mechanical genius range.

- Mech Arms: Jade Cannons would become back again a viable trait to chose, without the mech staying too far away, having it to reposition it

and allowing the mech to not stack onto the enemy target obstructing the visual to players since it received a lot of complains.

- The mech would receive a tactical option in pvp and wvw to be able to "hunt" enemies and step away on command at the price of losing stats,

not just randomly around you in the heat of a fight.

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Mechanical genius needs to be removed, especially in PvP and WvW. In PvE it is a bit whatever as you just stack on the boss or near your team to get the full benefit but in PvP and WvW it just turns your engineer into a worse ranger. Why ? Because you give up everything that makes Engineer an engineer (aka toolbelt) for a glorified pet that doesnt even do much damage but will do even less if it isnt stuck to you like glue. And ofc you have to give up an entire trait line for that garbage pet.


I wasnt expecting Mechanist to be a power force in any PvP content (although it was in a pretty decent spot at one point in SPvP) but in Anet true fashion they manage to turn something garbage into something even more garbage.


As for rifle I only wants one of these 2 things:

-Anet speed up the animation so rifle attack faster but keeps the current coefficient 

-Anet keep the current animation but return the old 3 burst attack and coefficient


Rifle isnt even fun to use right now and its DPS isnt high enough to justify running it over any other power weapon available. Hell in all PvP content, rifle is worse than its pre rework version. This just show highlight even more what I've said previously. 


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Yes I would like to have the 3x burst rifle animation back, its does not feal great right now. Also scrapper not giving quickness in pvp mode is weird and kinda lame. I do not like this choice, would be better to only self quick at the very least. Thats said bring back tge 3x burst animation anet please!!! Anet I would buy gem for this fix...

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