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Sanctum Scramble broke me. Im sorry.

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I'm 50 years old.  I was just casually playing this game.  I was not expecting too much; just to have an ok/fun time doing simple things.  I love GW2 because I like to play computer DnD games(been playing DnD computer type games for like 35+ years).   I love the art in this game so much. Like I really love the GW2 setting.  I like the feeling of having a 3d avatar and doing swords and sorcery.  And I really love the action combat in GW2; except for the mob aoe spam which made me feel like I needed permanent dodges, swiftness and quickness.  But, I hit my limit with Sanctum Scramble and it has broken me.   LoL, I raged quit and uninstalled the game.  (Didnt delete toons like when I rage quite WoW.  I'm never ever playing that game again. That game is toxic. LoL)


I had everything I needed for Glints Bastion on my Revenant.   But I just needed Bronze on this stupid adventure and I just couldn't do it.  I spent a lot of time on this game (2.9k hours), playing it unoptimally because I rarely/never grouped up for the harder contents.  I never did a single raid, strike or fractal.  I did the dungeons when core Tyria was a thing; but I rarely did them cause I just could not stand the toxicity of instanced content (in this or any online game).  I can't get group kicked out of a map for gathering herbs so I just stayed in my lane.  I did the metas if they just so happened to coincide with what I was doing; but I didn't map hop and seek them out.  If the meta failed, its was not a big deal cause honestly the rewards weren't really what I was seeking.  The only time I actively grouped up to play was for unranked PvP; which I found extremely fun for a daily distraction from the solo grind.  Occasionally I'd 1v1 and come out on top; but mostly the fights were lost before they started, lol.  So I just settled for support builds on my warrior.  I didn't mind supporting other people, found it actually kinda fun. I know my limits and don't think of myself as Billy Bad - kitten; those days are gone if ever they were a thing.


I also didn't expect Legendaries.   Those were beyond my skill set.  I would just go about my singular tasks, doing things here and there, occasionally helping downed people or others who needed help with hero points.  So I settled for crafting ascended gear which took a lot of time when playing the game 99% solo.   I saved my gold (had 500ish) for mats for ascended crafting.  I spent my gold on those volatile magic shipments to get the lower tier materials and occasionally bought lower tier mats off the trading post.  But rarely did I spend more than a couple gold on the TP per day.  


After I discovered that each profession had opportunities to get cool looking ascended skins I made that a goal for my toons.   I got all the warrior ones for each xpac; i loved the warrior and it was my main. I got the thief ones for HoT and PoF. And I was just casually going about on my Revenant  trying to get Glints Bastion when I ran into this adventure.   I was able to craft ascended shields (and heavy and medium armor) and with the exception for my warrior in pvp, I didn't really use shields on any of my toons.   I just wanted to casually get this skin cause the others were fairly easy to get and within my skill set.  But this adventure had switched something in my brain and I felt like I was no longer having fun playing GW2.  The skill ceiling on that adventure is too high for me and its made me question what the hell I was doing with my time.  Then I got to thinking how the heck I was going to get the other ones for the other professions cause they probably require other adventures; ones that I've failed and abandoned any hope to complete.  Almost all the adventures in HoT are far above my skill ceiling; yes even bronze adventures.   I don't think GW2 is for me anymore.


GW2 was fun and I had a fantastically good time with the xpacs and all the living seasons.  I think the devs got the open world difficulty just perfect in End of Dragons.  It reminded me of core Tyria back in the day; when blue, green and yellow gear actually mattered and leveling to 80 felt like an epic adventure.  But I think its time for me to move onto to other things. TTFN.

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Just wanted to add that your age isn't the issue here. 😉 I am about the same age and can do the JP just fine.

Sorry to hear you were having such a hard time with it. What helps is optimizing your keybinds and/or altering your gaming mouse's buttons. I always (temporarily) alter my extra mouse buttons and use them for the replaced skills you get during this adventure. It allows me to focus on the movement and easily use the skills to speed up the process.

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Sorry to hear. The only advice one can give, in case success is still of interest (besides practice until you make it) would be:

- watch guide videos

- break down the adventure/jumping puzzle into sections. Don't do all of it at once, do a bit, get safe on that bit, move on. Once you are close to the end keep trying

- try out action cam mode. It can help a lot with mouse movement and reorienting the camera once you get used to it

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I'm 51 and had brain surgery a couple of years ago to get a tumor removed. Since then my left side (which was paralyzed after the op) has recovered mostly but it will never be the same. So I have some physical and mental limits (because of meds). It infuriates me at times, but I can't really do much about it and so I'm accepting it more and more. But it's hard.

Point is that there are sometimes limits we run into and it can be hard to accept. I also have fear of heights which translates into the game. So imagine me doing JPs. Some of them I had to take days (and I mean 4+ hours per day just doing the JPs) to get done while others did it in a few attempts. Some I never managed, but only a handful. But the thing is that I did manage a lot more than I had expected. The question is then whether you want to try again or give up on it and accept it.

But I can't escape the feeling that this is the straw that broke the camel's back rather than the whole reason you quit. One JP couldn't be the difference between playing or not playing a game. Like you I play solo the vast majority of the time. I put in over 4000 hours. I do play WvW and I have collected quite a few legendaries.

However, I've also taken a few breaks from the game and it sounds like it's overdue for you to take a break.

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I think I ignored that one. I mean ... it is possible to do it. But the full achievements (gold) a bit harder if I remember correctly. And there are other things you can do for the mastery points. Would be wise to realize that you can't completey everything. Then it will be easier to ignore certain stuff.

When I did not play from 2014 until 2019 ... after returning there was so much to do ... and achievements that I missed that were limited in time ... I fo und it easier. I just try to do most of the stuff I can do - and for most meta achievements it is enough. And then regularly ignoring one or another of the harder or grindier stuff.

Though they now returned season 1 (missed some of the last parts from the original release back then) there are still retired achievements that are not possible to get anymore - I think. (Even though they are not that many.) And for the PvP there is stuff exclusive to the top players (top ranks - for titles and stufff) that I'll never be able to get. To be honest: Not being able to get gold in some adventure when I already completed most other achievements from that map ... does not really make me annoyed anymore nowadays.

Like ... 10 years ago and when playing from release (before my break) when I still tired to get everything and play a lot - to not miss anything and fall behind other players ... such stuff would have been a big deal for me. But now I try to take it easier - even for other games. Does not always work. But yeah ... I try ...

(I am 37 "only". Never been a "power gamer" and always worse in PvP or professional PvP like raiding. That is why I never really played WoW. Only for 6 months when it newly got released back then. Did not even get a char to max level. There sure is much more pressure in games like WoW.)

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2 hours ago, Freya.9075 said:

If you find the adventure too difficult, you can use taco. If I remember right, it will show the path and when to use each skill. It’s useful for adventures like this. 

Seconding the helpfulness of overlays. After using TacO for years, I switched to BlishHUD a little while ago. It’ll let you use TacO markers but has additional features. People are making marker packs now that are even more interactive and helpful than the original Tekkit’s.

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